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August 31, 2009

i’m quite disapointed that someone like you would be wasted on someone like her.
mmm. i’ll tell you what i’m feeling right now.

– angry
– upset
– heartbroken haha.
– happy
– confused
– longingness (if thats even a feeling)

i was upset and then i talked to someone and they made me extremley happy.
so thankyou to that one person, who wont even read this let alone know they are it.

me.. (: ):


i smell food.
August 31, 2009

today was average.
thats all i feel the need to write really.
nothing new.

all i know is that everytime i get something new or plan to do something.
you seem to snag your way into having it or going somewhere to.
it’s like i can’t be the important for once.
or that i can’t be the center of attention for one minute.
you always sulk your way into getting everyone to love you again.
including me.
why do i give into you?
and it infact pisses me off.
like you wouldn’t believe.

i feel as though this is the only way i can express my true feelings these days.
things just get back to people.
when they are supposed to be good “friends” of mine.
why do people feel the need to blab.

you leave me smiling everytime.
August 29, 2009

oh no the hawks just lost 😦

do you know what made my day.
i went out to buy mothers birthday present.
and i was at robert ferguson’s and then i saw mads.
so i got out of the car and she ran and hugged me but didnt relise who was with her.
and it was hannah and holly and caitlyn and they all ran and hugged me aswell.
aw it was so nice cause it was just what i needed.
haha, what lovely girls they are they make me smile immensly.

anyways nana’s in hospital again.
this time they think it’s something to do with heart failure.
aw man poor nan. when is she never not sick.
i wish the best upon her.

me and dad spent two hours together today.
no one else just us.
it was nice, i appreciate him heaps.

you should see my cat right now.
aw it’s so cute.
i’m going to take a picture to show you!


isn’t she cute haha, (:

waiting, waiting on the world to change
August 27, 2009

you make me feel absolutly shit about myself.

can you imagine the indignity
August 27, 2009

it is pretty much what the world is about!
phones are taking over the world and i hate it.
i could live without a phone, easily.
maybe i should test myself.

6 days till the heat, 6 days till i get away, 6 days till Queensland.

August 26, 2009

family. its been hard for me lately.
i have been cooping myself up in my room as soon as i get home.
i’m hiding away, but from what?
i don’t want to talk about whats happened that day.
i don’t want to discuss my future in anymore depth.
i don’t want to know about things that hurt.
i want to be left alone sometimes.
but you don’t really get that.

friends. are confusing and going horribly wrong.
i don’t know where i stand with people.
are you just using me or do you really care?
that feeling of losing a friend is dawning over me.
the truth is that core class makes and breaks friends.
& it’s totally shit!
but my loyal friends they deserve good things cause they are amazing.

love. i need to discover this so called amazing feeling again.
boys are shit and i don’t think they relise how much they play girls.
the descent ones all seem to be gone.
and i know “i’ve got to wait for the right one to sweep me off my feet”
but seriously i’m sick of waiting.
come on boy, come on boy, come on boy.

crying is good for my eyes right now.

11:01 PM
August 25, 2009

everything around me is silent.

i like it.

one lonley tuesday
August 25, 2009

everyday i learn something new.
recently i have learnt..

that its so hard to please everyone.

to believe in myself.

never give up.

to make a difference.

make good decisions in life.

follow my heart.

never forget the important people in my life.

that family are everything.

there is always someone in the worse than yourself.

anything can happen to anybody

and that i am to clingy.

sometimes i think..
“when is everything just going to be alright?”
and i don’t know the answer.
I believe we were sent to this earth to play a game. A game of life.

Rain, Rain, Rain
August 20, 2009

“so come on and fly with me as we make our great escape”
reflextion day today and that was well.. interesting.
nah, wasn’t to bad actually, learnt somethings that really amazed me like more than 4500 people in tasmania are homeless which really astounded me for some unknown reason. that may not seem like a large amount but come on, each one of those 4500 people have a story, an explaination, a tragedy behind it. some of those include children you know.. many children even aged five are living in motels by themselves because there is no foster homes, these sorts of things really get to me. I WANT TO STOP IT ALL!

anyways, it’s raining i am in bed and it’s quite soothing. such a nice today and now rain. weather is queer at times. goodnight, x

August 15, 2009

guess what? my cat is not even dying!
we took her back to the vet, and they were like “oh i can’t even feel the lump anymore, it was most likely from someone kicking her.” like bloody hell, why instead of jumping to the worst conclusion didn’t you tell us the other options as well. I HATE VETS NOW!

tegan’s birthday tea lastnight, it was quite lovely. and tonight i am spending time with my bestfriend tayla and going to my gorgeous cousins birthday so keeennn only ten mintues till tayla gets here. best go blowdry my hair!

I wanna feel, all the chemicals inside, I wanna feel
I wanna sunburn, just to know that I’m alive
To know I’m alive

Don’t tell me if I’m dying, cause I don’t wanna know
If I can’t see the sun, maybe I should go
Don’t wake me cause I’m dreaming, of angels on the moon
Where everyone you know, never leaves too soon

Do you believe, in the day that you were born
Tell me do you believe
And do you know that every day’s the first
Of the rest of your life

Don’t tell me if I’m dying, cause I don’t wanna know
If I can’t see the sun, maybe I should go
Don’t wake me cause I’m dreaming, of angels on the moon
Where everyone you know, never leaves too soon

This is to one last day in the shadows
And to know a brother’s love
This is to New York City angels
And the rivers of our blood
This is to all of us, to all of us

So don’t tell me if I’m dying, cause I don’t wanna know
If I can’t see the sun, maybe I should go
Don’t wake me cause I’m dreaming, of angels on the moon
Where everyone you know, never leaves too soon

You can tell me all your thoughts, about the stars that fill polluted skies
And show me where you run to, when no one’s left to take your side
But don’t tell me where the road ends, cause I just don’t wanna know, No I don’t wanna know

Don’t tell me if I’m dying
Don’t tell me if I’m dying

LOVING THIS SONG SO MUCH AT THE MOMENT! so much meaning behind it.