family. its been hard for me lately.
i have been cooping myself up in my room as soon as i get home.
i’m hiding away, but from what?
i don’t want to talk about whats happened that day.
i don’t want to discuss my future in anymore depth.
i don’t want to know about things that hurt.
i want to be left alone sometimes.
but you don’t really get that.

friends. are confusing and going horribly wrong.
i don’t know where i stand with people.
are you just using me or do you really care?
that feeling of losing a friend is dawning over me.
the truth is that core class makes and breaks friends.
& it’s totally shit!
but my loyal friends they deserve good things cause they are amazing.

love. i need to discover this so called amazing feeling again.
boys are shit and i don’t think they relise how much they play girls.
the descent ones all seem to be gone.
and i know “i’ve got to wait for the right one to sweep me off my feet”
but seriously i’m sick of waiting.
come on boy, come on boy, come on boy.

crying is good for my eyes right now.


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