you leave me smiling everytime.

oh no the hawks just lost 😦

do you know what made my day.
i went out to buy mothers birthday present.
and i was at robert ferguson’s and then i saw mads.
so i got out of the car and she ran and hugged me but didnt relise who was with her.
and it was hannah and holly and caitlyn and they all ran and hugged me aswell.
aw it was so nice cause it was just what i needed.
haha, what lovely girls they are they make me smile immensly.

anyways nana’s in hospital again.
this time they think it’s something to do with heart failure.
aw man poor nan. when is she never not sick.
i wish the best upon her.

me and dad spent two hours together today.
no one else just us.
it was nice, i appreciate him heaps.

you should see my cat right now.
aw it’s so cute.
i’m going to take a picture to show you!


isn’t she cute haha, (:


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