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mile away.
September 30, 2009

i’m a mile away from where i belong, i’m a mile away from “home”

i don’t know where i belong anymore.

September 27, 2009

thats describing my emotions.
wink face for being excited.
tear for not knowing where i stand.
and line for feeling pretty average.
so overall i have made up a face which is displaying how i feel atm.


watch this.
pretty sure i should be an actor, pfft

sainters. :(
September 27, 2009

yesterday was fun! 🙂
haha, went to ind’s for the night.
-was webcaming with multiple people.
-getting into the football, oh no the saints lost ):
-eating so much food.
-listening to people “pretend” to be lost.
-eating more food.
i love you indea alice pearce. ❤
one day i hope that you will read this and realise how much of an impact you make on me and my life.
naw, i am nawing out loud.

anyways, tonight is going to be fun.
🙂 oh life is just fantastic i haven't been down all week.
which is surprising.
goodbye, x

this week..
September 24, 2009

has been spectacular.
can’t be bothered writing the awesome things in my life atm.

only one problem.
people need to learn that as much as i try, i can’t please everyone.
thankyou and goodnight.

make a wish.
September 23, 2009


taking a chance, this could be different.
September 22, 2009

today is cold.
today is shit.
today is just another day, in my boring uneventful life.
today i’m so tired, i did not sleep lastnight.

i wish for peace at home, at school in life.
i wish to go to bed happy and wake up happy.
i wish for summer or at least warmth.
i wish for my two favourite people to be friends again.
i wish for simplicity.
i wish for you to ALWAYS keep me happy.

step up
September 21, 2009

first day back to school.
i enjoyed myself.
i quite so missed these people in my school life.

my bestfriend is amazing.
i have relised that just cause i don’t see her as much.
doesn’t mean that we arn’t as close.
i love her ❤

this weekend should be good.
yes quite keen.

tradgity strikes just like that.
i didn’t believe my hero could ever be affected.
feelings are stupid.
they hurt so much.

finally. its over.
September 19, 2009

that is the greatest feeling ever.

oh happy days.. tonight/today is fun.

hey nan
September 19, 2009

i love how my nan loves to bitch.
she makes me happy.
so does someone else 😉

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on top of the world!
September 18, 2009

nothing could bring me down right now.
this feeling of happiness has not been here for so long.
thankyou god i needed this day!