home sweet home

so i’m back in tasmania.
it’s a relief i guess.
but i know i will miss the freedom of qld.
and how i don’t have to worry about anything but relaxing.
the warmth was amazing.
renae just makes everything in my life so much easier.
i will miss the time we spent together.

back to reality i guess.


One Response

  1. ellie brown. i read your blogs all the time. so i thought i would find one about me and comment on it, 🙂
    i love you.
    i will never stop.
    i miss you so much, we never see each other these days.
    its like the family is slowly getting torn apart. but no matter what happens you will always be my fav person in the world. the only one that understands me fully and is always there. ellie f brown, saying i love you just isnt enough.
    forever and ever baby. xx

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