i don’t like illusions, i can’t see them clearly.

today, well actually yesterday it rained.
and i hated it.
also i want a harmonica.

once i saw this movie called into the wild.
and it touched me so much.
it’s the only movie that has ever motivated me to make the most out of life.
it’s a true story about a man who abandons all of his possessions and gives all of his money to charity and hitchhikes to Alaska to live in the wilderness. It shows his jouney and all the people that help shape his life.
in the end he dies and its just so amazing to see what one human being can achieve.

i’m reading a book at the moment called Keeping Faith.
i don’t know if i like it.
it’s very goddy.
but Jodi Picoult is an awesome writer.
but i have found that every book by her so far ends up in a court case.
which is quite annoying.
she still finds away in which to make it good though.

something that has been on my mind alot lately is that i would love to write a book.
i think i have to potential to do so because i have good ideas in my head.
but the fact the you have to draw the story out for billions of pages yeah can’t do that.
one day when i am older and my life is set in place i will try.

i hope that you have learnt by now readers that i dribble shit.


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