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And i call your name into a wishing well.
October 30, 2009


 Oh Lord make us as waves of the sea, and as the flowers that grow, united and

 Bind together all the hearts and join it, a chord of souls.

 Oh Lord make all of mankind as the stars that shine from the same sky, and the perfect fruits that are growing high.


I will remember this well, where we go the time will tell and i’ll have photos of your face to remind me of this place.

Introduce yourself to me, turn to smile nervously, that was just three nights ago, where the time went i don’t know.

But the whirlpool spun us around. never new i’d lost what it is i have found here.


Kelsey Bulkin her lyrics amaze me.
there are so many amazing words that i wish i could say, are being said right here.

i’m down. i don’t know why but i am.
it’s crap. and all i want to do is curl up in this bed of mine and do nothing but sleep.
but there will be questions involved if i do this, questions i can’t answer.
because for once. i don’t know the answers myself.

i hate not knowing things.
i feel like i am oblivious to everything around me lately.
so much is going on but i have no part in it all.

October 29, 2009

thankyou for making everything clear, i can see how much you care.
thankyou for ruining me.
thankyou for being a rude bitch.
thankyou for making me cry at 8:16.

say these words, say them proud.
October 28, 2009

what you told me today, it doesn’t change the way i see you.
your an amazing guy, anyone would be lucky to have you.
never be ashamed of what you are.
you’ve been a good friend to me, my whole life.
i really hope you recognize this is you.

why are boys so lame.
why are girls so fake.

shoot the wallabys.
October 27, 2009

stop eating our grass mr wallabys, my dada worked very hard on that.

scary man is out and about in the town of Ulverstone.
it is nearly the anniversary of when i first discovered him.
good times.
Halloween this weekend.
quite keen for 8 girls at my house. ha. more like 7. 😐

people are going to say what the want about you, but we are going to remember the mircles you gave us.
October 25, 2009

i wonder why you had to go.
why you had to go.

amazing songgggggggggggggggggggggggg,
michael jackons tribute song.
so so sad.

this essay is just staring at me, i am not motivated at all to do.
ahhh. too much on my mind.
i wish i was dumbledore.
so i could have a pensive to put all my thoughts in.
and then go back and relive moments.
oh wow. that would be awesome.
thinking about it.
i would love to be any fictional character.
they always have happy endings. in reality theres barely any happy endings.

first train home, gotta get on it.
October 23, 2009

i found out something today.
something that puts everything else into perspective.
you say you don’t want me. so i don’t want you.
and i think personally i don’t need you.
because the way your treating me, i deserve much better.
i think i’m a good friend, but if so why do i always get it thrown back in my face.

I just wanna make known here in this little space.
that there is someone very special that i have recently became very close to.
shes helped me through many more things than most of my other friends have.
she always listens, always cares and always remembers.
she influences me to be a good person someone who loves, not hates.
when no one else will help me, i always know she will be there.
we are you similar in such little ways, i love it.
i also love: how she understands what i am going through because she is too, her beautiful cute smile which is contagious, her family, her beautiful words about me, how she makes me cry of happiness and most of all her in general.
yes Hannah Kate Richardson, i am talking about you.
and i make a personal promise to you that for as long as you want me, i will be in your life. even if that involves saying that horrid word “FOREVER” because i know i can do that.


missing peices
October 22, 2009

i miss alot of things.
things that can never be a part of me again.
it hurts to think that.

i miss reading countless books, i miss simplicity, i miss the times where i didn’t have a phone or a computer, i miss primary school, i miss the closeness of my camping crew, i miss my grade 7 core class, i miss certain friends, i miss certain bestfriends, i miss being immature, i miss my brother, i miss family holidays, i miss not being  judged, i miss a certain boys, i miss clairey, i miss my old life

some of these things are gone forever, and i would like to know why.
is it because of me?
because i’m not good enough?
because i don’t do the “cool” things?
because i’m not pretty enough?
why. why. why. does it hurt so much!

2009 has been one of my worst years by far!

October 21, 2009

currently struggeling to stay alive, well not really but it sure feels like it.
mm, i have a cough which is blocking up my throat.
and i cold which is leaving me with one nostrial to breathe out of.
so i would say i am having a hard time breathing.

not looking forward to performing tomorrow night.
at this rate i can’t even see myself getting out of bed.

nothings improving in my life.. but i’m moving on.

October 19, 2009

quote of the day- “my hands are craving a piano”


thankyou samuel, you made my day.
haven’t seen something this funny for a longggg time.

robot rampage
October 18, 2009

today i printed out 70 photos, they look nice on my wall.
i also caught up with an old friend, reminisced on the good ole times.
i love food.
i don’t know how some people can just not eat.
seriously, i look forward to eating all the time.
well this is pointless..