i remember every look upon your face.

i’m not good at words.

today we had to vote for college captains and prefects for next year.

and each one of them had a speech.

and the whole time this was going on.

i was thinking, wow imagine if that was me.

i would like to think one day i could take up the role.

but i don’t think i would be good enough personally.


i’m watching funny videos.

yes bryony, of us.

i miss these times.

actually come to think of it.

i miss alot.

i miss the way we used to everything together, i miss the way you used to make everything better, i miss the way i used to text you if i couldn’t sleep, i miss how every little thing that happened to me you would hear about, i miss the times we used to capture on film,  i miss how you were friends with the people i was, i miss our personal jokes, i miss your smile your laugh, i miss having your shoulder to cry on, i miss not caring what people thought of me cause i had you, i miss dressing up, i miss you and i think from this you will know who you are ❤

i also miss.


my other bestfriend, the one that might not always know it but i have sacrificed so much for so much that she must be very important in my life. i just wish you knew and understood that nothing can ever take you away or replace you. theres nothing to be afraid of. i love you always. and forever. t.l.f.

a special someone, that someone that’s held me down for so long. i see you and i get that feeling, of deep regret.

my big brother, i miss him constantly being there. it’s not the same without you here. it’s been a while i know but it doesn’t make it any easier. i just want you to come home. everything would be so much easier if you were around.

i love you.


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