sometimes i think.

if God is so real why do so many bad things happen to so many good people.

why is there deaths everyday to innocent people, why do some people have more than others, why do some get away with horrible things, why does everyone cease to hurt every living thing, why do we kill for our own benefit, why is there so much sadness and barely any happiness, why do people lose feelings for others, why do people hate, why is nothing we can do to help sometimes, why are some people so cruel, why do we only care for ourselves, why is technology our lives now.  why are we ruining this earth?

God gave us life and what do we do?

throw it back in his face. i don’t know if i believe the whole aspect of God.

but i do believe that something happened.

something that was amazing, but is now been taken way too far.

I hate the majority of the human race.



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