missing peices

i miss alot of things.
things that can never be a part of me again.
it hurts to think that.

i miss reading countless books, i miss simplicity, i miss the times where i didn’t have a phone or a computer, i miss primary school, i miss the closeness of my camping crew, i miss my grade 7 core class, i miss certain friends, i miss certain bestfriends, i miss being immature, i miss my brother, i miss family holidays, i miss not being  judged, i miss a certain boys, i miss clairey, i miss my old life

some of these things are gone forever, and i would like to know why.
is it because of me?
because i’m not good enough?
because i don’t do the “cool” things?
because i’m not pretty enough?
why. why. why. does it hurt so much!

2009 has been one of my worst years by far!


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