first train home, gotta get on it.

i found out something today.
something that puts everything else into perspective.
you say you don’t want me. so i don’t want you.
and i think personally i don’t need you.
because the way your treating me, i deserve much better.
i think i’m a good friend, but if so why do i always get it thrown back in my face.

I just wanna make known here in this little space.
that there is someone very special that i have recently became very close to.
shes helped me through many more things than most of my other friends have.
she always listens, always cares and always remembers.
she influences me to be a good person someone who loves, not hates.
when no one else will help me, i always know she will be there.
we are you similar in such little ways, i love it.
i also love: how she understands what i am going through because she is too, her beautiful cute smile which is contagious, her family, her beautiful words about me, how she makes me cry of happiness and most of all her in general.
yes Hannah Kate Richardson, i am talking about you.
and i make a personal promise to you that for as long as you want me, i will be in your life. even if that involves saying that horrid word “FOREVER” because i know i can do that.



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