And i call your name into a wishing well.


 Oh Lord make us as waves of the sea, and as the flowers that grow, united and

 Bind together all the hearts and join it, a chord of souls.

 Oh Lord make all of mankind as the stars that shine from the same sky, and the perfect fruits that are growing high.


I will remember this well, where we go the time will tell and i’ll have photos of your face to remind me of this place.

Introduce yourself to me, turn to smile nervously, that was just three nights ago, where the time went i don’t know.

But the whirlpool spun us around. never new i’d lost what it is i have found here.


Kelsey Bulkin her lyrics amaze me.
there are so many amazing words that i wish i could say, are being said right here.

i’m down. i don’t know why but i am.
it’s crap. and all i want to do is curl up in this bed of mine and do nothing but sleep.
but there will be questions involved if i do this, questions i can’t answer.
because for once. i don’t know the answers myself.

i hate not knowing things.
i feel like i am oblivious to everything around me lately.
so much is going on but i have no part in it all.


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