running out of time

i’m running out of time.

so little time, so much to do.

i don’t know what to do with myself anymore?

what do i want out of life, what kind of person do i want to become?

all these questions floating around in my head.

and no one to answer them but me.

what do i do when i have no more time?

where do i go?

will i ever come back?
i always look at people and think about where they will end up in the near future.
there are some people i can see making the most out of life and actually getting somewhere.
but it makes me sad to think that someone i used to care so much about.
doesn’t even care where they go and what they do anymore.
it’s like they can’t even see themselves in the future.

reality check: we are not kids forever. infact we are not kids now. you can’t keep getting away with things.


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