since the start of recess today.
i have had a slightly disturbing obsession with knitting.
it’s so weird. i swear i have knitted half a scarf.
instead i should be studying for my exams maybe?
i’m scared of them, why are the necessary.

i want to download new music, but i can’t i have the most gigantic list.
but no. stupid internet.

shoot all the bluejays you want if you can hit them but remember it’s a sin to kill a mockingbird.
To Kill A Mocking Bird.
i actually don’t mind this book, the lanuage is different, but i love it.
i also like the black and white film on it. black and white film. wow. it’s incrideble really.
how little things like that have grown.
from black and white film now to 4d coloured film.
i always think about the future and what will be changed when we are gone.
what sort of music and clothing will be “in”
will there still be animals around?
or any such nature?
will humans still be living on earth?
will there still be humans?
will tasmania be over populated by the over growing world?
I wish i knew the answers, i really do.


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