i hate hope.

when god made that box with all the emotions in there and the bad ones escaped into the world.

why couldn’t hope hop back in the box.

i hate it.

i hate it how you always get you hopes up for something good, and then it just comes crashing down and hurts even more.

i hate it when your sad and people say “i hope your okay” why is hope chucked in there it doesn’t even make sense.

to hope is to expect and wish.

hope is barely there ever. hope is that tiny ounce of life that is only seen in people that really believe.

therefore i will never catch a glimpse.


One Response

  1. To hope for something is to want it.
    Hope is slightly less than expectation.
    It is used when a person cannot expect,
    but they want too much to say nothing.
    So when i say, “i hope you’re okay”,
    I mean, “I want you to be fine”.

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