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your so naive.
December 29, 2009




  the quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty, danger, pain, without fear, bravery.

1. cowardice.
I miss my Hannah, she’s the best thing i have at the moment. The only one that understands, why are the rest denying the change towards me still i do not know.

it hurts.
December 27, 2009

when someone that has been there your whole childhood starts to fade away. Pop i love you, your holding on and i know it hurts. i am wearing a cross for you, but maybe god can’t save everyone forever. wherever you are, always no i love you

December 23, 2009

i like chloes house. 🙂
and the people here. wpooohohohohoh.

😀 xoxoxo

chloe wants to be a fish when she grows up LAWl

Monday, 1:30pm
December 20, 2009

the way you treat nan, actually makes me feel sick. she deserves better.

December 19, 2009

a 30% survival rate. there must be something you can do. please. 😦
i love you.

lord i’ve been calling for you.
December 17, 2009

things i love about my life right now.

  • i have finally told unknown how i feel, i don’t have to carry that weight around on my shoulder anymore. i’m sorry that i hurt you but i couldn’t do it anymore i couldn’t pretend to be someone i’m not, and i certainly can’t pretend to feel something that i don’t. you will always be in my heart. x
  • holidays. they are amazing. relaxation no stress what else could i possibly ask for. oh i know maybe some more heat please? todays weather was horrible.
  • reading. i’m finally getting back into it after many months of no reading, i’m having withdrawal symptoms.
  • just a few amazing people tha make me happy. this includes the following: renae, hannah, chloe, ben, tegan, indea, grace, bryony, kiira, abbie, luce, alex, phoebee,  jess, rachel, mitchy!, brandon, sarah hoyle. plus billions of other people. i’m so gratefull for having the people that i do.

things i’m not to keen on at the moment:

  • this mouth ulcer. its telling me something, i’m either eating to much sugar. or i’m getting sick. either way, i’m not impressed.
  • how much i failed at making popcorn today! i burnt the popcorn and the plastic plate it was sitting on!
  • the health of my popa. i pray for you every night pop. i love you so much, please get better soon!



it makes me happy..
December 13, 2009

when i meet someone new, and they are amazing and sweet and everything you want them to be

when i step outside these walls.
December 12, 2009

This last week or actually even this last month, my mind has been like a whirlpool. It’s just spinning around with multiple thoughts. Not that i did warrant these thoughts but i find myself feeling more lost and confused then ever.

Anyways, there is like 2 guys. i’m torn. i am not going to explain on this how i feel about them. i just want answers, and maybe a new beginning with one?

I know I’m never alone, like there are so many people in my life that are there to help me. But i’m really not one to open up to people. I honestly write down my feelings more than i tell them to people, i find it hard to trust and hard to admit that sometimes i just can’t pick myself up again.

I always sound so emo, but I’m not I promise. I love life and loving these holidays even more. Tonight I am having Chinese for tea and i cannot wait!

i thought i could fly, so why did i drown?
December 9, 2009

i shot for the sky, i’m stuck on the ground. so why do i try? i know i’m going to fall down.

why am i never appreciated, all i ever did was tell you what you should have already known.
don’t hate me, i tried my hardest not to tell you.
and now rumours have started. which are NOT true.
why am i always made out to be a bad person? when all i ever do is good things for other people.

i would way rather put other people before myself, i wish you knew that.

i need to stop being so negative.
i am happy, i really am. i just get bought down so easily.
smile ellie thats what your “good at” well faking anyways.
cheers for that.