when i step outside these walls.

This last week or actually even this last month, my mind has been like a whirlpool. It’s just spinning around with multiple thoughts. Not that i did warrant these thoughts but i find myself feeling more lost and confused then ever.

Anyways, there is like 2 guys. i’m torn. i am not going to explain on this how i feel about them. i just want answers, and maybe a new beginning with one?

I know I’m never alone, like there are so many people in my life that are there to help me. But i’m really not one to open up to people. I honestly write down my feelings more than i tell them to people, i find it hard to trust and hard to admit that sometimes i just can’t pick myself up again.

I always sound so emo, but I’m not I promise. I love life and loving these holidays even more. Tonight I am having Chinese for tea and i cannot wait!


2 Responses

  1. i love you ellie brown!
    do not ever forget how amazing you are.
    i hope you know you can tell me anything my love.

    • i would tell you things. if i possibly knew who you were? HAHAHA!

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