the end is amoungst us.

everything that was us is dying off. memories of me and my mothers grandparents were crashing down on me. i remember when pop and me used to pick the apples of the tree, i remember when we used to go to the farm for hours and fish, i remember paddy the dog, i remember watching the new birds unhatched with popa holding me safe on the ladder, i remember learning how to garden from him, i remember being with them everyday after playgroup for two years, i remember them being my favourite two people in the world, i remember spinning around on the brown couch for ages, i remember the family bbq’s, i remember the bird pop found, i remember cooking with nan, i remember learning the names of all the flowers they owned in the garden, i remember knitting with nan, i remember  the elmo’s magical christmas video, i remember the “play corner”, i remember the icecream and milos that are still going, i remember every chrismas with them and pops santa hat that lights up at the end, i remember pops massive appetiete, plus so much more.

now i remember how frail you are and how the apple tree is dying.

i remember sitting on my pops lap and looking into his eyes for hours just listening to him sing to me. and this is now when i cry.
i love you pop. forever 😦


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