tonight i’m falling and i can’t get up i need your loving hands to come and pick me up.

okay so i’m great.
but i just felt like reciting that song.
i haven’t listened to it in ages.

it’s amazing how i can remember all the words to that song.
but i can’t remember half the things i’m taught at school.

memory is a funny thing.

i wish i could take in everything i wanted to.
and elimate the useless things.

like the painful memories.
and the heart breaks.
and remember the look in your eyes.
the way you smelt.
things like that of which you try to think of every second of the day.
things that you think about too much and just disappear.
things that you would give anything for them to come back.

it’s a saturday.
i like Saturday’s.
for no reason. just like them.
it’s  hot in bed.
the fan on this laptop is burning into my leg i swear i am about to melt.
i love BB benny.
he is in my arms comforting me 24/7.
we didn’t have our “date” tonight.
i think you might have forgot.
but thats alright because your busy.
and your good to me all the time, your my bestfriend.
woo feel special. cause it’s such an awesome thing to be my bestfriend.

i love:
HannahKate, ChloeJen, TeganMarie, LucyElizabeth, KiiraAnne, SarahRose, BryonyElise, RenaeMaree, IndeaAlice, GraceElizabeth, RachelLee.

everyone has such pretty names.

why does mine have to be EllieFrances hahaha.


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