Le Love.

Is an amazing blog, about love.
Here is a couple of my favourite stories:

“in 2007 i fell in love with my english teacher, he was 6 years older than me and i was a silly girl of 16.

he made me want to go to class everyday, made me want to be the best student he’d ever had, ’cause i wanted to be good enough for him… we became friends, and our favorite subject was me, he made me nervous and i could only talk about myself, about my problems, i never asked about his… ’cause he was there for me, always giving me the best advices and making me choose the right path and do what i was supposed to do. then i started to come earlier to class and leave later.. first we started going out after class to get a cup of coffee, then we started to go out to eat, and then we started to go out to drink…

… and from that point my only subject was him.

they way he changed my life, the way he put my hair behind my ear, the way he was jealous of my best friend, the way he talked about his favorite movies and bands, the way he had to stop everything to have a cigarette break, the way he played guitar… the way i could only think of him.

he made me feel older, made me feel wanted, and we started dating. it was even better than i could ever imagined. i couldnt tell this to anyone, was unethical… i was underage, he was my teacher, but this never stopped us, we had a great – even though it was for a short time – love story. we even had our music, guess how much i love you.

it was so real, i was so happy .and then after nowhere he had to move back to england, and so he did, and i was devastated.
for six months all i did was count the seconds to get on msn or skype to talk to him. and little by little the gaps between our conversations were longer and i started dating someone else, and caring about someone else… and then on the the beginning of 2009, while i was with my boyfriend he called me.
i had butterflies all over again, he was standing right outside my door and wanted to see me.
2 days later i broke up with my boyfriend and got back with him, my english love.
then we started fighting and i moved to another city to go to college. we exchanged emails and sometimes talked on the phone, but it wasn’t the same..

and i got a new boyfriend, with whom i was really happy, and 8 months later he went to the city i live and 2 days later i broke up with my other boyfriend. everytime i saw him i knew, he was the one for me. but a few days later he was gone again, and i was heartbroken. since 2007 i’m in love with him, since 2007 my life changed.

this monday i received the news he killed himself.
he left me alone, with no one but my tears.
i lost my love.”

“I met him on a night out.
Basement club. Small, grungy, hollowed out cocoon of fairy-lighted rooms.
He was a friend of a friend of a friend, and at first I didn’t think much of him. Slightly strained conversation over one too many beers.
Later we got lost in the dancefloor, and with his hand in mine the memories get hazy.
I was expecting… I don’t know, what I always expect. Decent, cold, impersonal.
I turned the light off.
He turned it back on.
“You look prettier with the light on” he said.
In the morning there was no quick exit. I didn’t wake to the rustling of sheets, the creaking of the bed and the mumble of
“I’ll see you later”
There was no ache in my chest, no bitter taste.
He kissed my head, his arm wound round my waist and fingers tangled together.
“Morning.” he said.
You get used to it, I guess. Being treated like shit. You begin to lower your expectations.
I don’t care if it was just a night, because that one night means more to me then so many others put together.
And it wasn’t because I loved him. I barely knew him.
But suddenly it had became a lot easier for me to consider loving myself.

N ”


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