reach out to you, touch my hand

Do I have permission to say that I enjoyed my weekend?
I’m so confinded to what I can do these days, I feel trapt in a little cage.
You say you miss me,  but then don’t want me.
So i had a good weekend. I love being with my friends.
Addison, Leti, Morgan, Chloe, Seedy Man, Indea, Grade Nine’s, Basketball, Birthday Cake, Breath of Life, Presents, Macas at 8:30 in the morning, Bianca’s “Makeover”! 
They make an enjoyable weekend.
Fail on the diet hehe.

This man chased me and Chloe at Breath of Life wanting a photo.
I cried. Possibly the biggest seed I know.
Actually. Yes the biggest seed 😉


One Response

  1. hahaaaa, oh this was the best day i have had in a while 😀
    love you ell.
    i don’t love you though mr seedo

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