“in love and waiting, no matter how long.”

never thought i’d be the kind to contemplate.
tonight has been wow. like unreal.
so much said, so much taken in, so much that i’ll never forget.
the human heart is a scary part in fact, cause i could break you and you could break me back.
tonight was St Brendan’s annual social, and i didn’t go, and i am so very happy with my decision.
so many girls dis-respect themselves there.
they think that if they dress all slutty the guys that look at them everyday at school are going to look at them differently?
i don’t get the game? why would that work?
gosh girls annoy me half the time.

okay one day chloe will look at this, so when you do see this.
i am now a chimpanzee. can you get me a segway?


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