guidence from above.

your always on my mind, i’m always smiling because of you and together we are a perfect match.
is it to early to say things like this?
stuff it, i love what we have.
this week is hectic already, i don’t think i have ever stressed so much.
so i apologize in advance for the mood swings i will probably, most likely have.
i love how close I’ve become to Lucy she always knows what to say.
and i love how simple it is to be her friend, there is no expectations to live up to.
i’m sick of all of that rubbish, how i have  to talk to someone everyday just to show my affection for them.
it shouldn’t have to be like that, people should know how much they mean to me.
i wish i could get inside the heads of some people.
i would love to know how they tick, how to finally cecum to there ways.
can i even use that word in the sentence, honestly i make myself laugh sometimes.

i miss you.
like i said a while back i will be thinking of you always, because i understand what your going through, because i have been through it. when you get sad, think of that time i sent you a picture comment and then poked your bum. you are my best friend hannah kate richardson, always and forever.

and i ment everyword that i said. and still do. whats happening to us?


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