oh my god, shine your light on us and we might live.

I wish that my life had a handbook.
So instead of going around in circles, i knew exactly what to do next.

At the moment life is hazy.
I feel like an outsider, looking into a place where i never quite fit in.
The truth is i don’t fit in, and a lot of the time i like it this way.
Other times, i just want to be seen or heard. anything to make me happy.
I feel a lack of inspiration coming on.

I wish i could understand maths.
I’m in the lowest 15% in Australia.
I wish i had a bigger vocabulary.
I’m close to failing English.
I wish i could draw, paint, sing, be a great photographer.
I have no talent.
I don’t think i’ll ever achieve my dream at the rate i’m going.
For all you intellectual people out there, i envy you.
I’d give anything to find out what my purpose is, because being smart surely isn’t it.

I think i’m worthless.


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  1. I think your wonderful.

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