i’m falling, what else can i say, i’m fading away.

What does it matter what you weigh?
What you look like?
What you can and can’t do?
You have a “perfect” boyfriend who loves you, loving family and a lot going for you.
But when i say this, i am being a hypocrite and i’ll admit that.
You are one of the most beautiful girls i know.
I want to tell you this.
But i wouldn’t consider us close friends, and i doubt you would read this anyways.
I think curves are beautiful, I think natural is better, I think your extremely talented.
Nobody’s perfect.


Time grabs you by the wrist, directs you where to go.

I want to make a thousand paper cranes
and i want to create a difference.
I want to befriend a stranger
and i want to read all the books by Jodi Picoult.
I want to buy a Polaroid camera
and i want to do Ballet.
I want to paint my nails
and i want to watch all of One Tree Hill.
I want to be in a movie
and i want write a songs.
I want to enjoy coffee
and i want to overcome my fear of rides.
I want to forever do all my best thinking in the shower
and i want to love brad for a long long time.

Do you reckon my wants will ever come true? I have faith.


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