Don’t change, whatever it is.


I hate that feeling when your hungry, but you don’t want any food you see, and you can’t figure out what food you want, and you don’t even think it exists, but then you realise that what you want is to see the person your missing.

People can surprise you a lot.
Take last night as an example.
I was fairly upset, for some reason that is totally non important anymore, well maybe.
And someone i barely knew comforted me, that felt great.
Sometimes i think it’s better to confide in someone you know, rather than someone who knows everything about you.
Just for the simple fact that you can trust them a little and know that they wouldn’t tell anyone.
Well in this case anyways.
It felt good.

It’s amazing what you can find when cleaning your room.
I found:
1.  Many delectable dust bunnys haha.
2.  Lots of cards from family, friends and ex friends. I enjoyed reading over them immensely.
3. Two tubes of pawpaw, who knew?
4.  Three filled up journals, also exciting to read back over (I’ve liked some weird people)
5.  5, 00000000000 teddy bears.
6. My scarf that i am vvvv slowly knitting for Tegan.
7. The list of things ….. stole from …..
8. My c.d player that Cassie and Molly destroyed with writing. Molly for eg. Ellie i can see a green bra in your draw lol lol
9. Ugly photos of me in the 9-12 age, i think everyone is ugly in this time of life.
10.  A lot of hair slides on the floor.
11. Chicken fillets! ha, classic.
12. Failed attempts of scrapbooking.
13. $7.30 in coins.
14. I also found the floor, which i haven’t truely seen in months.


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  1. haha, i found my floor the other day too. how amazing is it!? hahaha (:

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