Now and then, i get insecure.

I went to Launceston today.
It made my day because i got to see the jungle bitches again.
For all you people out there that have no idea who they are, well actually the only person that does is Chloe.
So for everyone bar Chloe, this is who they are.


Okay so wow, that was disappointment number 294784723 of the year.
I “used” to have a video of them, but it magically disappeared off my Laptop. -_- <—- always wanted to do that face.
Anyways, they were a group of black say 32 year old females and they were full on yelling and brawling in the middle of the mall.
Just imagine me and Chloe following them 3 blocks just to watch them brawl, but it didn’t happen and they got a little suss so we had to leave.
And i saw them again today! Was brilliant.

Quotes from today that made me LOL:

There’s something really trustable about you ellie brown! Maybe it’s the fact that your name has a colour in it. i don’t know! – D.P

your my dick thats what you are (: not my actually penis your my person that is a dick (: – J.M


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