Time OUT.

Things happened today, that made me realise.
I’m going no where in life.
I take nothing seriously, and live by this motto that everything will just come to me.
But the truth is, i need to work for my dreams, nothing you ever want is easy.
I was watching this show today called 1o Things I Hate About You.
And there was this girl Bianca and she had a dream book.
In this dream book were minor goals that eventually bought her to her dream.
It really got me thinking and the truth is, i don’t have a dream.
I have things i’d like to do.
Like if i was really dreaming here, i’d love to be a writer.
I know i’m not good enough for that.
But I’d really love to be a counselor you know.
People say to me:
“Why would you want to do that? All you would be doing everyday would be listening to other peoples problems.”
I couldn’t think of anything better, wow how pathetic does that sound.
To listen, to actually listen to someone, to let them know that i’m there thats what i want to do.
That’s what i want to be passionate about.
At the moment though, i’m getting no where.
I’m getting caught up in the luxury’s of life and forgetting a lot of whats important.
I’m in year eleven now, the important year, and all i do is procrastinate and find ways in which to dodge work.
I can’t do that anymore, i just can’t.
And thats also where i need some people to understand.
I can’t do everything, i can’t be everywhere at once.
Managing my time is hard i have difficulties saying no to things.
But i have to, as much as i would love to do everything with all of my lovely, gorgeous friends.
So to the people i am somewhat tinily hurting, i am sorry please understand.


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