That’ll do donkey. That’ll do.

I joined the best Facebook group the other day.
It goes a little like this:
‘Your diplay picture is a car? Sorry, I didn’t realize you were a transformer.’
hahahaha. How good is it, but no seriously.
There is nothing worse than someone adding you on a social network and their display picture not being of themselves.. but their car.
It’s even more annoying when thats the only picture they have.
And then they start obsessing over you, and your like “No seriously, who are you i can’t see a picture of you.”
They either stop talking to you, or they put on the whole “I’m so ugly, you wouldn’t want to see me face” act.
Well yes, i would actually like to see the face of the person i am talking to?
Anyways that was just a rave about something non important.
So why not make this blog really shit and put some more stuff that gets on my nerves in here.
I think the have gone way to fair with the whole Shrek thing.
It’s like this:
Shrek- Omg best movie you should see it!
Shrek two- Funny as, best sequal.
Shrek the Third- Yeah okay, alright.
Shrek Forever after- You’ve got to be kidding me.
They really should have stopped after the second movie.
Same with Highschool Musical, Spy Kids, The Lion King and Ice Age.
It just ruins it i think.
You know that big thumb in the first Spy Kids that used the scare the shiiit out of me as a kid.
Well i could write so much more, but seeing as though i am the worst typer in the world and my delete button isn’t working, i’m not going to.


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