Free as a bird.

why do you keep a diary?

to keep secrets from my computer.

Dwight Schrute

I went to farm today.
It reminded me of times when i was little.
When i used to ride on the tractor with my popa.
And feed the cows.
My Nan had a breakdown i cannot begin to imagine how hard all of this is for her.
I haven’t thought about Popa in a long time.
I don’t know if thats terrible of me or not.
I want to think of him, i want to remember him.
But it pains too much to think about everything that he is missing out on.
He didn’t get to meet Brad, and i know that he would have loved him just as much as i do.
He would have joked about me having a boyfriend, telling me that he was the only man i needed in his life.
But thats my pop for you, his loving free spirit will never leave my mind.
We have decided on the spot to put his ashes.
It’s beautiful, he would love it.
I just want to see him again, i can’t stand seeing his garden unattended to, the farm without his presence, my Nan without her one true love.


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