Loving you is like lighting a candle in the wind.

I had the best night tonight.
Consisted of Football with Tegan and Brad, which was freeezzzingg. But i had fun watching the red balloon drift past and getting bagged out because of lack of knowledge in the football area.
Then after the Football i got out of going out for tea with my parents, i received a saveloy from Tegan for $2.oo and a ride back to my house from Joel.
Then Morgan and Addison came round, and i loved it how everyone got a long and jokes were made.
That’s when the candles and marsh mellows were ripped out.
Here are me and Morgs toasting marsh mellows whilst Brad and Addison are on Omegle.com wow.
Sad sad life, (:
I had a good night, i love visits from Morgan and Addison.
They are favourites of mine. Forever


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