Don’t stop, until it’s over.

One time i sent a really good picture comment on MySpace, it went a little like this:
15 facts about right now. 1. your beautiful. 2. this is my favourite picture ever of you. 3. i am at your house right this second. 4. you are cooking spag bog for tea 5. you have sexy legs. 6. hannah’s over there >> 7. we are reading the same book at the moment. 8. your like my bestfriend. 9. i am about to poke your bum. 321 off i go. hahahahahaha, pretty sure you secretly loved that. 10. i am so puffed now. 11. your house is tiring to run in. 12. your about to be hooked up 13. I’M STILL PUFFED. 14. i need to wee. 15. i love you more than anyone else in my life. my heart will always wait for you.
I think everyone will work out who this is but just for confidential reasons ill call you X. Unlike most of my friends, X has never failed me. But previously i have
forgotten this fact, forgotten how important she actually is in my life. I remember that when my Pop died, i felt like she was the only one that understood me.  I’ll never forget this one conversation we once had although i am almost certain she would have.
Ellie: I want to be like him, you know he was such a good person and made the most out of life.
X: You will be. You already are a GREAT person. Really, you are. You may not see it but i always talk about how good your heart is. You are such a good good friend.
Ellie: Aw, that was so nice.
X: Its not even half of it! its all so true, and i never tell you anymore. I shouldnt be saying it just cause your popa has passed but you really are an amazing person.
Ellie: Thank you so much. But you dont need to tell me, i know how much you love me. It  doesn’t matter how much i mean to you, because you will always be important in my life ALWAYS, you will be one of my best friends ‘forever’
I never told X, but she saved me from deep grief. She gave me hope and also the faith that i had been searching for. Nothing has changed, well yes things have changed. But what i say up there, thats what i mean. And that my dear X will never change.

Once upon a time i had another friend called Y, Me and Y did a lot together. We had two classes together last year, and i would look forward to those two classes, mostly because i would get to spend time with Y. I told Y everything, and i never lost trust in her. I was one of the first people she would tell her secrets to, and honestly that meant so much to me. She was there when i cried, when i laughed and when i bitched. She was there when i lost my best friend and then became one my best friends, possibly one of the best I’ve had. Isn’t it funny how i’m using past tense. Because now all that history is gone. I don’t know what happened, but we’ve drifted. Has something happened in your life that i missed? Is the ‘group’ so much more important to you? Has one of my own friends become more important to you than me?  I tell you i miss you, you say okay. I say we have to catch up, you tell me your busy. This makes me sad, i can no longer afford to you have you as a priority in my life if your going to act like this. I miss you.


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