Happiness: Today i got new pajama’s, Today i did nothing at school, Today at lunch i played memory with Tegan, Today i saw a sexy boy, Today i silky smooth, Today i saw Lauren and Megan they always make my day, Today i had chocolate, Today i took a picture, Today i went to dance, Today i realised that one of my hated teachers won’t be back for 3 weeks, Today i realised that tomorrow will be even better.

Sadness: Today you Y ignored me yet again, Today i had cold hands, Today i thought that one of my closest friends is losing ‘interest’ in me, Today i cut my finger with my razor, Today i didn’t spend much time with Bradley although that doesn’t really matter that much, Today i had vegetables, Today i had to write and it hurt, Today i felt jealous, Today i saw a mole, Today i realised your still not talking to me.


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