I’m suffocating.

I was emo today.
No reason, just not feeling happy.
I enjoy school and yes it occupies me but i can not tolerate most people.

Today in Photography i took my sadness out on a piece of paper.
I wrote the following:
I am Ellie.
I have no talent, and i have no life.
Kill me.
Everyone thought i was just annoyed because of the power point we had to watch.
Was it that? Or did i mean it?
Anyways i got bored so i asked a simple question.
Someone tell me something good?
I received a reply.
Ellie you have talent, and the most amazing brown eyes.
I don’t know why, but i was speechless.
It got me thinking about how much i admire this girl.
I wouldn’t consider us close, but hearing that gives me a little bit of hope.
Something i wish more people would give me.
So thank you, it means a lot i wish i could have truly told you this today.



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