Take me by the hand and tell me you would take me anywhere.

I had bad thoughts yesterday morning, like really bad thoughts.
I wanted to tell someone, because i was worried about them.
But i didn’t, because who could i trust with something as big as that?
Don’t worry they were gone by the time night fell.
Then i was back to my ‘normal’ self.
Simple things trigger this side of me though.
Like a simple annoyance of not being able to pin my hair into place.
I don’t know if i should talk about it, because i’m embarrassed.
But i will eventually.
Last night whilst intoxicated i got asked by a friend if i thought people could change.
I said: “Yes, i would like to believe people can change, but they have to want the change.”
Personally when i think back over it i should have said: “No.”
Because no one has ever proved to me that they have changed.
They have always used that trust against me.
Deep down i think that your always the same person.
Why change yourself? Find someone who likes you for who you are.
Otherwise your not really changing yourself, just fooling other people into believing that you have.


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