I am no angel.

I have something on my conscious i need to get out.
I think about you a lot, and of what i would have put you through.
Thinking back i hate myself for what i did to you.
We were best friends, not from the start of primary school.
From about Grade three until Grade eight.
At primary school it was always me and you.
Every weekend we were together, inseparable.
We were so different but then so a like.
I was loud, outgoing, bossy and insecure.
You were quiet, different, forgiving and talented.
Together we were the outsiders, and i liked it that way, well i thought i did.
Then we came to high school.
Everything changes, but why did our friendship have to change?
Suddenly our differences didn’t make us alike they tore us apart.
In my eyes it was my fault.
We aren’t friends anymore because i thought popularity,  looks and boys became important.
But they aren’t, they haven’t got me any further in life.
A matter of fact, i’d say they have bought me back.
They have made me sad, and made me feel cold.
I want to mention you because you have made such an impact in my life.
You were the best friend I’ve ever had.
When people say stuff about you, i laugh, i pretend.
But deep down, i know it’s wrong.
Your different but thats just you, and never change yourself for anyone.
I wonder if you’ll ever read this, i want you too because it’s important that you understand.
That i am sincerely sorry.


Horse riding. Scrap booking. Girl Guides. Chasing’s. Best friends. ❤


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