I am in love.
A better love than before, a real love.
It’s amazing. But i am not vulnerable, i know my rights from wrongs and love will never be used against me.
I stare at you, because i am so indescribably attracted to you.
I touch you all the time because i never want to let you go.
I sook when you walk away because i miss you when you leave.
I smile because it belongs to you.
I kiss you because it makes me feel alive.
I like it when you whisper in my ear, it’s so nice.
I do certain things because i know you love them and i will do anything to make you happy.

Remember on our one month anniversary we were laying on the soccer grounds wrapped up in each others arms, looking at the stars, you were so sick and you told me you loved me to that one star and back again a million times. It was beautiful. That night, i never told you but i went home and cried, because you’ve made my life so perfect.

I talk about our future, i say i want to travel.
You say you want to stay here.
Breaks my heart to think we will ever be apart.
I’m not saying we are going to last forever.
But i just want to live in the moment, and i want you by my side every step of the way.
Because you have stolen my heart, and i love it.

I solemnly swear that i am up to no good.

The notebook


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