Get over it.

People seem to overreact way to much, i’m not perfect, i have my flaws and troubles of my own.
A lot of people talk to me, tell me things i keep quiet.
But for once.
Just for once.
I want to recognize my problems, i need to recognize my problems.
Because it’s getting to the point, when i can’t even  acknowledge how i am feeling anymore.
Please stop looking for something great in me, because i’m not that great.
I don’t need people quoting things off my blog, telling me that i’m wrong.
Because i know who i am, quite frankly more than you ever will.
I just need to be left alone, i need to stop the ‘cling’.
I cannot and will not handle it.
If i want to talk, i will talk.
Drop it.

Everyday i see the disappointment in your eyes.
And i get this feeling of guilt, but you cannot be my center of attention all the time.
Although you don’t want to admit it, thats what you want out of me.
I am unable to do that, ever.
Be your own person, don’t try and be half of me.
I like people when they are different, i like how they fit in with others with totally different personalities and values.
It intrigues me.
But seeing you trying to be everyone else, that upsets me.
It actually annoys me.
Just stop, stop, and take in your life.
Recognize who you are, and the people around you.
For once, just be yourself.

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  1. love this times loads!

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