I wish i had to courage to tell you how much i miss you, instead of just joking around.

I miss you more than anything.
Remember when we used to go to the football every Saturday together?
Remember when you lost your best friend, and i lost mine. How lost we were together?
Remember when you stayed in the tent with me after my first kiss?
Remember when we used to make up those plays on Nan’s Birthday?
Remember when we went to Steve Irwin’s zoo and you fainted?
Remember when i stayed home after my toe operation and we made that video?
Remember when ___ had her mental breakdown, how hard that was for us to see?
Remember when we talked to ghosts, when it worked?
Remember when we used the baby monitor to spy on our brothers?
Remember when you used to steal from me?
Remember Nan Wearne’s funeral?
Remember the Wog’s next door to our unit?
Remember SD at lobsters creek?
Remember staying at my house after your parents split up?
Remember when you told me about your sadness?
Remember when i told you about my siblings sadness?
Remember spotlight games at your house?
Remember all your dress up party’s and how you always invited me?
Remember  last year at camping, how it was perfection?
Remember when you threw my baby born on the ground? That was our first and only fight.
Remember when i fell off that ledge and hit my head when we were taking photos?
Remember ice-creams after tea at camping?
Remember scrap booking with Katelyn?
Remember when you had cross country and ran past my primary school?
Remember the Chocolate man playing football?
Remember how i always called you dog German because i couldn’t say Jarman?
Remember how badly your newer best friend treated you? How it upsetted me?
Remember when i was a MySpace whiz and i always had to fix your page up?
Remember Barbie Supersports?
Remember Cat and Mouse, The Mole and Rocky, one, two, three games?
Remember sneaking to the Dinosaur park when we were little and at the football?
Remember sitting at the skate park and me being obsessed with LS?
Remember when my dad ran into the glass door? Haha.
Remember when Aleisha used to ride Pussy?
Remember Nan ‘Frog’?
Remember Sammy Louise Chamberlain, Brown, Johns, Pearce, Lawson?
Remember those really bad home videos where i am an alien? Meep, meep.

Diary Entries:
Tonight i am going to Julie Johns birthday party, last year was so funny this girl called Skye was there. She sang ‘Hello World’ by the Saddle Club and it was so squeaky and she actually thinks she is a good singer?
I hope she doesn’t come tonight!

I want this entry to be special cause i want to look back at it in 10 years time. Chelsea, Emily, Saxon, Becky, Ellie J, Lily, Rachael, Stacy are my best friends. But no one is better than my cousin Renae, we have the best times together.

Today i went to the festival in the park with Renae, Katelyn and Brooke. I watched the Idol competition and we got Amalia’s signature even though she is not even that important.

I am at Bannon’s park,
we are camping here with the John’s and Nae’s family. It’s so much fun! Today Renae’s friend Jess came over we went on an adventure and i fell down a hill, Renae was crying because she was so scared that i would get hurt. We also went to Tal’s house to brush our teeth and other stuff.

I saw Renae today, she is so great. She is my best friend, but she is also my cousin so i don’t think that works? lol. I wish she lived with me, oh it would be cool if she was my sister and then i could borrow her things all the time. I wish i had a room like her and lots of animals like her. She is so lucky.

There is sooooo many more, but i’m too lazy.
We have been through a lot together.
You’ve made me laugh, cry, smile and most of all made me happy.
Your not my cousin, your my long lost sister.
It doesn’t matter how much or less i see you nae.
Because your always going to be my favourite.
Your fam’ily’, nothing will ever tear us apart.
I will never forget how big an impact you have had on me.
Always, x

3 Responses

  1. that’s beautiful, ellie. That is so beautiful.
    Everyone who knows you is so lucky.
    You are a very big inspiration, you know.

  2. very inspiring and helpful post wish i could write like that, im more of a get to the point writer. Well written and all credits to you my friend.

  3. i have never read something so beautiful in my life.
    you are amazing in every single way.
    i love you.

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