Froze by desire.


Tonight, whilst standing in the freezing cold at a best friends house.
I believe i saw a solar eclipse.
It was beauty, beauty for my eyes.

Realised four things tonight:

  1. How much i miss my best friend Ben, he told me somethings tonight. Made me realise how little i have been there for him lately. I’m sorry.
  2. How great my boyfriend is at party’s with me. I have full trust in him, makes me feel so great about myself. He is an adorable drunk. I love you.
  3. How nice original chips really are, i swear i ate a whole bowl full.
  4. How much i take bed for granted, right now it is my Saviour although my feet are throbbing from heels i am so comfy.

What would you do in this situation. See a guy you know, he’s your friend, dancing with a girl but not just dancing more grinding her like she is a metal pole. Watch him for a little while, but you are getting distracted a lot from your boyfriend so you are unsure whether or not they hooked up. Approach him a while later and say. “You better be being a good boy for ________” and he says “Oh don’t worry i am, i swear i haven’t even touched another girl all night.” Why lie? So now do i tell the girl he is ‘tuning’ ,on the verge of going out who is also one of my close friends, or do i let it drop, let the situation sort itself out?
I am so confused, maybe it meant nothing?


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