Do you ever get inspired by music, well i do.
Today in class i was listening to Love The Way you Lie by Eminem and Rhianna.
And i started thinking about all the great people in my life.
I ended up staring at one of them, just across the room from me.
She’s new this year, and i don’t have the courage to tell her but i am so glad she came to this school.
Shes one of those rare girls you come across, that understand, that listen, that keep things safe.
I used to honestly think. “What is this girl on.”
She come to the school with so much confidence, asked so many questions.
For a while i thought she was being nosy, but now i understand.
She wanted to get to know people, i guess in a way she wanted to get to know me.
I admire her courage, her values and her herself.
Thank you Samantha Bratton, your a true friend.

Another person i got thinking about was one of my best friends.
I love the simplicity of our friendship, you know.
No fights, no silly drama, no expectations.
Just me and her, against the world.
We understand each other so well, shes one of those friends were you don’t have to ask, you just act.
We share a locker, we share interests, we share friends, we share clothing, we share inspiration.
I’ve taken her for granted in the past.
But no one knows me better than her, i love it.
I want to tell her how amazing she is, i want to embrace her and cry because she is so special to me.
But i won’t because no one does sappy shit anymore.
So instead i am going to write this blog post, which she will never read and smile.

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