Intimacy remixed.

Today’s Natural highs:
3 months baby, i love you more and more everyday.
$1.oo cheeseburgers.
Seeing Morgan and Angel, who i miss dearly at school.
You playing guitar.
Your sweet scent.
Helium balloon’s out the window.
Sleep in.
Sweet music to my ears.

Once upon a time,
I believed that if you tried really hard you could feel God in the pockets of sunlight coming in through the window.
I thought if i could trap the light in my palms it would fill me like love, joy, peace and contentment does.
I would lay on my bedroom floor for hours, holding my hands in the tiny rays.
I believed in light, that by thinking hard enough, i could see God in every molecule that exists
If i try hard enough now, i sometimes catch a glimpse of this faith again.
It never lasts long, and you can’t put a finger on it.
But i know it’s there.



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