What did you learn from today?

I learnt a lot today from grade sevens.
They are actually an amazing bunch of kids.
Going into Ministry Day i thought, “This is going to be boring, and embarrassing.”
But i got so much out of it.
At the start of the day each Ministry student was allocated to a group of kids of 3-4 people.
We were told to play a game to get to know each other.
We had to write down things about ourselves, and then share them with the group and guess who was who.
I found out somethings about these 3 girls.
They like horse riding, netball, reading and don’t like Justin Beiber.
They describe themselves  as shy, nerdy and individuals.
After the activity i asked them a question.
Me: So do you three know each other very well?
Girl 1- I know her, but i don’t know her. Pretty much we are the people who have no friends and are put together.
It made me think back to Grade 7, these three girls put together, were a reflection of me.
In grade seven i was lost, i had no idea who i was supposed to be, i was pushed in so many directions.
I ended up sharing this with them, i felt they needed a little guidance.

I will never forget these three girls faces, N, J, K.
At this moment, i wish i would have shared my Grade 7 experience with the class.
Today i learnt not to judge the Grade sevens, they are just like me, i love today.
I would say it was a massive success.
Stephanie Long, your brother is a legend!

I loved dinner tonight.
I went out for tea with Bradley and lots of his family for his cousins birthday.
They are all so lovely, he is so lovely.
Can you still feel the butterflies, cause i do, even more lately.
I hate saying goodbye, i want to stay there with him forever.
But returning home to my family, i appreciated them that little more.


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