Your so naive.

Sometimes I wish I could be honest, you know tell people what I really think of them.
There were multiple times today when I could have screamed at you.
Tell you that your making a horrible mistake.
But I can’t, what kind of friend would I be?
But then again, what kind of friend am I to you?
Because in this modern time, every one lies.
I’ve come to the conclusion that every one thrives on lies.
If I could be honest right now here are some things I would say:

– I don’t believe you are making the right choices, I am weary when I see you around him. I can’t handle you getting hurt, but then again. You are in love.

– Your immature, it’s time to grow up, to find out who you, as an individual.

– Stop picking and choosing your friends when you want them.

– I want to help you.

– Your a low life two faced bitch who took away my best friend.

– You were my best friend who let the low life two face bitch take you away but then again. You are in love.

– I cannot stand the sight of you, at all. Stop judging my every move.

– Fuck off it’s my fault.

– I miss you more than anything.


– I hate the way you act around them.

– Your actually good looking.

– I am jealous of all your attributes.

– I want to embrace you sometimes.

– Your the best thing in my life.

– I hate the way you judge people, people I like.

– I wish I could stand up to you, say how much people like myself dislike you.

– You give me headaches.

– Your impossible to read.

– Come back to St Brendan’s, your ruining your life.

A couple of the examples above have the excuse that they are in love.
Love is never an excuse, you can always fight love, always.


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