So I’m talking to a lovely boy from America.
We are talking about Baraq Obama being the Antichrist.
This is our conversation:

Stranger: Like when you hear them it almost makes you believe he is the antichrist because the things are so ironic and coincidental.
Stranger: Want to hear some evidence real quick?
Stranger: Theres a verse in the bible and it goes like this…
Stranger: Jesus beheld satan falling as lightning from the heights
Stranger: In hebrew the word “lightning” is pronounced, Baraq
Stranger: And in hebrew the phrase “from the heavens” is pronouced, Bama
Stranger: And in hebrew, putting two words together u have to but an “o” between them
Stranger: So if it were said by a hebrew preacher, it would be said like this…
Stranger: Jesus beheld satan falling as Baraq obama
Stranger:  And want to hear the scariest of all?
Stranger: You’ll have to look it up on youtube after to believe me
Stranger: Have u heard his slogan “YES WE CAN” ?
Stranger: Someone copied the clip where he said it in a few of his speeches
Stranger: And reversed it, and played it backwards
Stranger: And you can hear him say, “Thank you Satan”
So then I needed proof for this, and this is what I found.
I love strangers on Omegle, this is by far the best conversation I have had with someone for a while!
Thankyou Stranger.

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