What if everyone jumped at the same time, would the earth move?

Wouldn’t it be better if we were all born in the 80’s?
Life would have been so much simpler.


Two massive weights lifted off my shoulders today.

1. Finally finished the dreading English Communications Project, just hoping she will let me hand it in now. 9 days late.
2. I now know why all the shit that went down, went down. Miss interpretations can be massive demons I tell you, I’m just glad it’s over, for now anyways.

I can’t wait for exams, I’m excited. I’ll be the only person you’ll ever hear say this.
But I’m preparing myself so much, and I’m excited to see my progress, whether good or bad.
I’m going to do my absolute best, because for once, I wish to be the child that makes my parents proud, just once please.

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