On my mind.

1. Just went to information evening for year twelve, that scares me. To know that it will be my last year ever at St Brendan Shaw College, that scares me, A lot. I want to be young and free forever with all the people I have in my life now.

2. I want to go for College¬†captain, House captain, is that what they are even called? I know I wouldn’t stand a chance in getting it but I think I could do great things, if I had the chance. I’m sick of the same people getting it. I want a change in routine.

3. Spent the whole day with Lucy, Study with Lucy, WWC in the Library oh with Lucy, Lunch eating chips with Lucy, Photography with Lucy. I love this girl, genuine.

4. Facebook fast is now over, I did it, Now I don’t know what my short term goal will be. Any ideas?

5. I want to go to my brothers 21st, I wish we could stay one more night in Hobart! I shall discuss with parents.

Stuff it, i’m sleeping.

Sorry for the bad mood.


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