This morning mum woke me up at 10:30

She told me I should motivate myself with a walk some place.
So I got up, had breakfast, put some clothes and shoes on and was out the door by 11:00
I walked to the beach, it’s only a ten minute walk from my house.
When I got there I walked to the shore and stood there staring out into the horizon.
I sat on a log, stayed in this position until the water met me.
Walked back up the beach picking up all the waste I could see, it was disgusting all the litter that I found.
People should be ashamed of themselves.
When walking to the bin, I came across the first person I had seen on the beach all morning.
She said: “Oh wow, good job. You’ll save the planet one day.” I laughed.
But it got me thinking, what if everyone just picked up a bit of rubbish off the ground and placed in a bin.
Would that help save the world?
The answer is no, but at least it would help.
This morning I helped, and god, it felt good.


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