If I could freeze this moment, If I could just stop time.

“I want to breathe you in and let this feeling take me over. And I want to hold your hand and keep you here as we grow older. And I want so many things in this life but your the one thing I depend on oh I need your love like this oh forever and ever and ever.”

I wish I could talk to you, I wish I could see your face, you always know how to make me feel better.

If only I could say your name, If I did I would hurt a mass amount of people, That I would have to count on one hand.

But fact is your special to me, should I keep this fact hidden forever, or should I just come out and say it.

I’m scared. I’m frightened, But as you say. “Every things going to be okay, I’m going to stand by you, Forever.”

It’s nearly been a year since we’ve been friends, close friends, back in the day sometimes even more.

You’ve been a constant person in my life, told me I was perfect, amazing, stupid and every other word that made me so happy.

‘Is there one person that makes you smile instantly when you see them?’

Yes, and that person is you. It’s so weird the effects you have on me.

Your one of my best friends now, you’ll always have that special place in my heart.

My ECBF. You’ll never read this but I had to write something about you.


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