Always a lesson.

Why is that when it comes down to that moment in time, where I have to speak my mind.
I chicken out.
I had so much that I needed to say, but your sweetened face stopped me from doing so.
You could call me a coward, but I think it’s love.
Sometimes I hate this, things needed to be said to make things better.
But I sat there in silence trying to regain my courage to say the speech I had in my head.
In the end I said “I’m sorry.” I am so mad at myself now, it wasn’t my fault.
None of it was, even you know that.
But you sat there whilst I stuttered with what I had to say.
Happy that you got your way, the easy way out.

I love my cat, even when she wakes me up at 2 in the morning fighting with the neighbours cat and meows at me for food.


One Response

  1. oh elllieee! i hope you cheer up and these shit people are nice to you again very sooon! good luck with your exams lovely, im sure everything will be good after them! 🙂 xx

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